Saturday, January 4, 2014

Carbon Monoxide Kidde P3010K-CO Worry-Free Kitchen Review

Kidde P3010K-CO Worry-Free

The Kidde P3010K-CO is a 10-year, sealed battery, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm the features photoelectric and electrochemical sensing technology and Smart Hush feature. This combination alarm combines the detection capabilities of a photoelectric sensor with that of an electrochemical sensor, which is used to detect CO. When either sensor notices a potential hazard, it will communicate with the other. Depending on what is detected, the alarm will adjust its smoke sensitivity in order to better discriminate between a real hazard and a false one. This constant communication enhances the alarm's overall performance and significantly reduces the potential for a nuisance alarm. At the end of the alarm life, the unit will chirp, indicating the alarm is in need of replacement. The sealed-in lithium battery will power the unit for the entirety of its 10 year life, eliminating the need for battery replacement and ends worry of unauthorized battery removal. Provides continuous protection, even during power outages., and this a good product from Kidde.

Kidde P3010K-CO Worry-Free Features

- Sealed-in 10-year lithium battery
- Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm
- Photoelectric Sensor
- Automatically activates when attached to bracket
- End of life warning

Amazon Sales Rank: #6838 in Home Improvement, Brand: Kidde, Model: P3010K-CO, Number of items: 1, Dimensions: 1.60" h x5.22" w x5.22" l, .

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