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Alarm with Universal Security Instruments 1204 Review

Universal Security Instruments

Battery Pull-Tab - activates battery and reducesinstallation time· 9V Battery Backup in Event of AC Power Failure· Super Heavy Duty Battery Included· Dust Cover - full dust and contaminant cover - protects thesmoke alarm from spray applications, thereby eliminatingthe need to remove the alarm during home construction· Silencer Feature - convenient silencer button withautomatic reset allows you to temporarily override alarm -ideal for cooking smoke and fireplaces - eliminatesnuisance alarms· Ideal for Replacement of Most Existing Smoke Alarms· Smart Interconnect up to 18 units - with 12 Smoke Alarmsmaximum - when smoke is detected, all interconnectedSmoke Alarms sound their alarm during alarm· Originating Alarm Feature -when smoke is detected, the redLED flashes on the initiating smoke alarm (during alarm)· Green LED Indicator for AC Power· Separate Large Size 55/8" (143mm) Mounting PlateAttaches to any Standard Rectangular or OctagonJunction Box and Covers Drywall Cutout - for easyinstallation and coverage of drywall cutouts.· Loud 85 Decibel Horn· Audible Low Battery Indicator· 120 VAC (60 Hz) Power· Wire Harness for Easy Connection· Chamber and Cover Designs Protect Alarm fromInsects and Contaminants.· Five Year Limited Warranty· UTHA/UL Listed, and this a good product from Universal Security Instruments.

Universal Security Instruments Features

- Tamper Resistant Locking Feature
- Super Heavy Duty Battery Included
- Loud 85db alarm
- 120 Volt AC Wired-In
- 5-Year Limited Warranty

Amazon Sales Rank: #5727 in Home Improvement, Color: White, Brand: Universal Security Instruments, Model: USI1204.

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