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with LCD Everspring ST815 Z-Wave Wireless Review

Everspring ST815 Z-Wave

The Z-Wave Wireless Illumination Sensor with LCD Screen from Everspring activates programs or devices automatically based on illumination settings chosen in advance by the user. This sensor has a backlit LCD that displays a timer, illumination, transmission status and battery status. It has a lux (measurement relating to amount of visible light present) detecting range from 0 (darkness) to 3000 and a countdown timer that is adjustable from one minute up to eight hours. The sensor has a 60dB (decibel) built-in beeping tone/alert and has a wall-mountable design for use indoors or outdoors. The Z-Wave Wireless Illumination Sensor can be enrolled into any Z-Wave network to begin communicating with other Z-Wave enabled devices. It has an operating range up to 100 feet and is powered by three 1.5V AA batteries., and this a good product from Everspring.

Everspring ST815 Z-Wave Features

- Backlit LCD screen
- Built-in 60dB beep reminder
- Adjustable lux countdown timer, 1 minute - 8 hours
- Lux detecting range from 0 - 3000 lux
- Activate programs based on illumination

Amazon Sales Rank: #107922 in Home Improvement, Brand: Everspring.

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