Thursday, December 12, 2013

In. WaterCop LeakStopPlus Single-Point Leak Review

WaterCop LeakStopPlus Single-Point

The WaterCop LeakStopPlus is an advanced model of WaterCop's popular single-point leak detection system with three enhancing features: an audible alarm to immediately alert you when leaks occur, two alarm relay connections (dry contact closures), and a low voltage motorized ball valve (12VDC). The system prevents water damage to your home by detecting leaks at a specific location and automatically shutting off the water supply. Rather than installing an entire home flood control system, the LeakStopPlus provides an affordable way to stop leaks where you already know they're a risk. Whether you're home or away, both your property and your wallet are protected. Install LeakStopPlus near any appliance connected to plumbing. Water heaters are particularly vulnerable to leaks as they age. Nearly 8 million homeowners replace failing water heaters annually. Additional locations to use LeakStopPlus include: Bathroom: toilets, bathtubs, showers. Kitchen: dishwashers, refrigerators, icemakers. Washing Machines, Water Heaters, Humidifiers, Sinks, Spigot. How It Works: The LeakStopPlus valve installs directly into your plumbing supply line near the area you want to monitor (may require installation by a licensed plumber). Moisture sensors on the floor detect water if there is a leak. The sensors then send a signal to the control box which closes the valve to shut off the water supply. FEATURES: Two moisture sensors cover both sides of your water appliance. Automatic water supply shutoff. Open/close buttons on control box allow manual valve control. Valve remains closed until manually reset. Valve diameter: 3/4 inch., and this a good product from WaterCop.

WaterCop LeakStopPlus Single-Point Features

- Automatic shuts off water supply when a leak is detected
- Audible alarm immediately alerts you
- Two moisture sensors cover both sides of your water appliance
- Includes two alarm relay connections (dry contact closures)
- Valve diameter: 3/4 inch

Amazon Sales Rank: #33559 in Camera & Photo, Brand: WaterCop, Model: WCLSLFA34, Dimensions: 4.10 pounds.

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